February 2013 Featured Donor of the Month- David Newport

David NewportIn February, people take more time to show their love for each other. David Newport, however, shows his love every day. David lives in Ridgecrest, and he drives a total of 240 miles to donate platelets. Even if he gets deferred, he still thanks the staff for taking their time during the process. David is a dedicated donor with a total of 18 gallons of whole blood donations and 120 platelet donations.

David began donating in high school at the age of 17 in Portland, Oregon. While he was donating at our G Street location, Nurse Carlena Russom complimented David on his good healthy veins, and from then on he began donating platelets.

The year 1957 was a life changer for David. It’s when he met his wife, Barbara, who profoundly impacted him. They both believed in compassionate donations where there are three criterias: “You give something of yourself, the person who is receiving the gift does not know and it makes an immediate and lasting benefit to that person,” said David. Both Barbara and David were donors and inseparable donors. Even when Barbara could no longer donate, she still accompanied David during platelet donations.

David and Barbara were each other’s rock when they lost their youngest son to colon cancer. Then on Tuesday, July 24, 2012, David faced more heartache: his strength, his inspiration, and the love of his life passed away. Yet, he kept moving forward with their legacy. Six days after, Barbara’s death David drove to Houchin to donate. He continues to donate because he believes: “Blood donors are giving a good morning to people who might not have the chance of having another morning.”

David Newport is willing to travel additional miles to our new facility.

David Newport is willing to travel additional miles to donate at the new Bolthouse Donor Center.

Although David has donated blood elsewhere, he believes at Houchin, the staff puts the donor first. He said, “Houchin cares about the well-being of their donors.” When David is not donating, he enjoys visiting his grandchildren and being a handyman to all his neighbors. He adamantly encourages others to donate, in his words, “You are providing medical care to someone in need, you are reaching others in a profound way, plus you feel welcome here at Houchin.”