Give Twice this Summer!

2013 Twice is Nice1There is still time to pledge to take the Twice as Nice Pledge 2 Give this summer. Travel, outdoor activities, and other summertime distractions contribute to a nationwide decrease in blood donations this time of year. The goal of the Twice as Nice Campaign is to encourage people to Pledge 2 Give twice between May 1 and September 30 each year so we can keep our blood supply steady to meet patient needs throughout the season. Donors who keep their two donation pledge will be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous computer. To qualify, you must give once by August 5 then again by September 30.

Dedicated donors last year noticed that three donations could be made from May 1 to Septemeber 30, so this year we are recognize those who are Thrice as Nice! Donors who give three times this summer, will have two chances to win the computer. The first donation had to be made between May 1 to June 10, and the second by August 5.  The final donation is due by September 30 to qualify for two chances on the computer in our random drawing.  The drawing will be made from those pledging below.

So pledge today using the form below: