16 Year Old Donors

Young DonorStudents can begin donating blood at 16 years of age with parental consent. Parents or Guardians must read the educational materials and sign/complete the consent form.  The student must bring the completed and signed consent form to the blood drive in order to start the donation process.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and the student will not be allowed to donate without one.  If you are unable to print this form, please visit us at 5901 Truxtun Avenue or 11515 Bolthouse Drive in Bakersfield to pick one up.

16 Year Old Donor Consent Form

16 Year Old Donor Consent Form (Spanish)

Also remember to bring a Picture ID with Date of Birth when you plan to donate. If the Picture ID does not have the Date of Birth on it, also bring a Birth Certificate or a Passport that shows Date of Birth.

The usual requirements of all donors apply to the youngest donors.  Be sure to eat a meal at least 3 hours prior to donating.  Be free from all cold, flu, cold sores, or symptoms of infection.  Wait 1 year after tattoos and body piercings before attempting to donate. Donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, and should be well hydrated for the best donation experience.