Current Blood Drive Totals

 Newest Blood Mobile with Stockdale Student Ambassadors 2012The 2013-2014 High School Blood Drive Challenge was great this year with 26 high schools participating and providing a whopping 20% of our local blood supply! In all, high schools came together to hold 54 blood drives, collecting 6,047 units of blood, which possibly saved as many as 18,141 lives. Way to go!!

Don’t forget, student blood donors who give eight times before they graduate from high school will be Gallon Grads.

The winning schools were announced at the High School Luncheon on May 16, 2014. Photos and the story are available here. The final results are detailed here.

We kick off the 2014-15 Challenge this summer with the School’s Out Summer Blood Drive, June 16-21, 2014. All week long donors will receive a great McDonald’s coupon, and one lucky donor crediting their high school that week will win a $200 Valley Plaza Gift Card!  So get started on the high school challenge today and help your school win the coveted summer blood drive award this coming school year. Keep coming back to this page for challenge updates!