Join us for a Star Party at Bolthouse!

comet over houchinOn Monday, March 18, the Kern Astronomical Society will be hosting a blood drive and viewing of the night sky from 5-8 pm at the new Bolthouse Donor Center. The public is invited to donate blood from 5-7 pm, enjoy “out of this world” treats, then view the heavens through KAS member telescopes.

We hope anyone interested in astronomy will turn out to see the sun, the first quarter moon, and Jupiter. Numerous comets can be seen in March, including Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4). This comet is one of many comets and asteroids tracked by Pan-STARRS, the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System.  Pan-STARRS is designed to discover and characterize Earth-approaching objects which might pose a danger to our planet. Special treats will include Comet Cupcakes, Moon Pies and Planet Pizzas. These will be available to donors while supplies last.

There will also be special donor drawings for some excellent prizes.  These include a 4.5 Dobsonian telescope donated and made by Steve Collett of KAS,  four VIP tickets to the Tonight Show, a Planet Cookie Basket, various Curl Talk packages, Slumped Bottle Cheese and Cracker Bowl, vouchers for two free pizzas from Round Table Pizza, and an incredible Solar System Cake made to the winner’s order provided by Ron Church. To sign-up for this truly memorable evening contact Carol Powers at 661-393-6379 or Darren Bly at 661-832-0712.