Brayden’s Brave Heart

Remembering Brayden

Brayden waited 1,691 days for his heart and he finally got his heart on October 10, 2018. Brayden and his heart fought for 28 days. To honor Brayden’s legacy, his family is hosting this blood drive to remind people to “never give up.” Brayden fought his whole life but he lived every second of it to the fullest!

Nobody Fights Alone

Brayden’s family has partnered together with the Nobody Fights Alone Foundation. On November 7th, the last day of the blood drive, we will host a BBQ and fundraiser at Our Bolthouse Donor Center.

October 10 – November 7

Donate blood at Houchin Community Blood Bank and credit Brayden’s group code #616 to honor Brayden.

November 7

Help support the Nobody Fights Alone Foundation to help other families in need.


Scheduled an appointment to donate blood by calling (661) 323-4222 or by visiting our donor portal