Accident Survivor Thanks Donors

Emma Gillian had just turned 15 and was coming home from softball when she was hit by a truck as she was crossing a street. She flew so far and hard, that her cleats flew off her feet. She was rushed to Kern Medical Center, now Kern Medical, and was placed into a medically induced coma.

Emma’s pelvis was shattered in 7 different places, plus she had 7 broken ribs, a lacerated liver, a deflated lung, and a hernia. With just the pelvic injury alone, her chances of survival dropped drastically. It wasn’t till three days later that she woke up to find she had survived, thanks in large part to donated blood.

Friends and family and people she didn’t even know got together and had multiple blood drives where they donated specifically for Emma.  Emma says: “I would love to have the chance to thank each of them individually, but that may never happen. To whoever is reading this though, thank you for giving blood. Because of you someone like me gets to continue their life a little longer.”

Emma is now a double major in Liberal Studies and Computer Science at California State University Bakersfield with a 3.0 gpa.   She also reports “As soon as I was eligible, I started donating blood to make sure more people like me survived.”