April Donor: Cheryl Isaac

Cheryl Isaac became a blood donor 19 years ago. Her husband, then boyfriend, was a regular donor so one day she decided to give it a go and donate with him. Cheryl and her husband made a date out of their donation day. They donated together every eight weeks and would conclude the evening by getting a milkshake. Who would think being a blood donor could be so romantic?

Today, Cheryl continues to donate, however she now donates platelets and plasma. Our telerecruiting department can always count on her to come in to donate when an urgent need is present. Cheryl loves her community and wishes to help others, especially those in greatest need. She says, “It is nice to be able to do something for your community.  Sometimes you feel helpless when you can’t help those suffering but this is one way you can. It takes a little bit more time, but it’s worth it because the sickest people benefit from it.”

Cheryl was one of the attendees of this year’s Gold Club Dinner, meaning she donated platelets more than 6 times last year. She actually donated 13 times! She encourages others to strive to reach 6 donations in 2017 to be invited to the next platelet dinner with a guest. Every year a platelet recipient tells the story of their survival thanks to their donations. Cheryl says, “The dinner is great because you get to put faces to people who receive the products you donated.”

Thank you Cheryl for being a noble human being and for giving up your time and cells to save the lives of others. For this and more, you are deserving of being donor of the month!