August Donor: Elijah Fernandez

Elijah Fernandez is an incoming senior at Centennial High School. Although he has only had two opportunities to donate at school, he has gone above and beyond and made sure to donate outside of school as well. Elijah is 17-years-old and and he has already donated four times, at this pace he will graduate from high school having reached his first gallon milestone and be a Gallon Grad!

Elijah plans on applying to college this fall. He is excited for his senior year where he will be involved in sports all year long with cross country in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and tennis in the spring! Elijah not only donates blood but he also donates his time to his community by staying an active member of his High School’s Interact Club!

Elijah donates blood because it gives him an opportunity to help others in a short amount of time. He likes knowing that his donation helps another person directly, and that he is able to make a difference. We wish Elijah the best of luck in his final year of high school and hope that his story will inspire other young people to become donors!