Back to School Giveaway!

A friend or family member could someday need a blood transfusion, and our mission is to support our community by thriving every day to make sure blood is available for them when they need it. We do this with help from our gracious and giving donors!

This week we’re giving back! Our schools not only shape the future of our community they also contribute a large portion of donations through high school students and teachers every year.

We want to recognize those teachers that share our mission and goals for the community. Starting August 6th donors will have the opportunity to donate first and nominate their favorite teacher. We will select the five most nominated teachers and give them $100 towards school supplies! Teachers can donate and nominate themselves as well. Please let us know if you are a teacher so we can give you a special gift as well.

Please help us in thanking our teachers. Go to to make your appointment, or call 661.323.4222. Make sure to follow us on Social Media, where we’ll announce our winners!