Bankers out for Blood Week June 25th – June 30th

During our 12th Annual Community Wide Blood Drive we’ve challenged different local financial banks to raise awareness about the need and importance of blood donation. Summertime sees a huge drop in the number of donors who walk through our doors. We reach out to our community to alert them of the shortage of blood products as a result of it. Many factors have caused this shortage but nothing more than the globally decreasing number of new donors.

This month of June was geared towards making blood donation top of mind in our community, and during the last week we’ve gathered the support of some of your preferred financial institutions in town. We’ve created a challenge to see which bank has the most lifesavers in our community! Each bank will encourage their staff and members to come donate on their behalf. Donors who come to represent them should mention the name (and branch for employees) of their bank to credit their bank. This week is part of the 12th Annual Community Wide Blood Drive and is the last chance for our donors to enter to win the Grand Prize Disney Vacation!.