Blood Donation Facts

Erica and VictoriaDonating blood is simple! You present your photo identification and we register you into our secure system. You then privately answer simple medical history, travel and lifestyle questions in written form. Any follow up questions from our staff are also asked in private. Your blood iron, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse are taken. Then you roll up your sleeve, feel only a brief pinch, and relax for 7-10 minutes while the blood is collected. The donation will be over before you know it!

Once your donation is complete, you will enjoy a delicious assortment of snacks and juices and relax for 15 minutes.  As you leave, you can congratulate yourself for doing the right thing to help another person in need. Every day there is a medical emergency in someone’s life in which blood is crucially needed. One out of ten people who enter the hospital will need a blood transfusion. Because blood has a shelf life of only 42 days, supplies must be replenished regularly.  This is why people need to donate every 56 days.

Did you know?

  • You can still donate while taking most prescriptions.
  • You can donate if you are a diabetic able to meet a few simple criteria.
  • You can donate with many heart conditions.
  • You can donate if your blood pressure is regulated with medication.
  • You can donate with simple skin cancers and 5 years after successful treatment of most types of cancer.
  • You can donate 2 years after Valley Fever.
  • You can donate after receiving most vaccinations.
  • There is no upper age limit to be eligible for donation, and those as young as 16 can donate with parental consent.

When preparing for donation, please note:
Must be at least 17th years of age, 16 years old with parent permission slip – available here.

Bring a photo ID with date of birth. Even repeat donors must present some form of photo ID.

Must weigh 110 pounds, and be taking in 1200 calories a day.

To feel the best, please drink plenty of water prior to donating and following your donation.  AVOID CAFFEINE!  IT IS DEHYDRATING!

You should be FREE from all cold, flu or symptoms of infection, AND be off of antibiotics for 3 days.

Eat a well-balanced meal within 2-4 hours before donation.

Non-U.S. Citizens can donate with photo ID showing date of birth.