Bone Marrow Registry

Every day someone needs a bone marrow transplant. What if it was someone in your family?

Joining the Bone Marrow Registry is fast and easy.

  1. Visit
  2. Watch A 12 Minute Video
  3. Request your bone marrow registry kit to be sent to your home.
  4. Simply swab your cheeks with the kit that will come in the mail and return as instructed.

Please be advised that the eligibility rules for blood and marrow donation do differ. The marrow rules are available at the link.  You may not donate directly for one person except through their doctor.  Signing up for the bone marrow registry means you are on call for any match. We do have a limited number of marrow kits available at the donor centers.  If you are 18-44 years of age, and would like to sign-up to be a marrow donor, just ask during your next blood donation.