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Houchin Blood Bank Blood Donor Inducted into the Fenwal Donation Hall of Fame.

Scott Cox

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Recognized for an Extraordinary Commitment to Blood Donation

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Houchin Blood Bank blood donor Scott Cox has been inducted into the Donation Hall of Fame, sponsored by Fenwal, Inc. at a ceremony held Tuesday, October 23, 2007.  Cox was honored for his personal donations as well as his commitment to promoting the need for life saving blood in our community. The Donation Hall of Fame, now entering its tenth year, recognizes individuals nationwide who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to blood donation.

“It’s a fitting tribute to one of our most dedicated advocates and donors for several reasons,” said Greg Gallion, Houchin’s CEO.  “As a local Disc Jockey for KERN 1410 talk radio reaching listeners all over Kern County, Scott is a true advocate for Houchin Blood Bank and a community spokes person on our behalf.  He is able to reach his listeners by delivering a serious message with compelling compassion regarding the need for blood in our community, and yet a talented comedian who entertains our local high school students annually, recognizing them for their outstanding blood drives and recruitment efforts. He has selflessly given the gift of life through whole blood and automated donations for patients in need and is a hero to our community.”

Cox has been a strong supporter of blood donations for Houchin Blood Bank and continues to promote the need for blood unsolicited.  He is one of 13 inspiring donation stories across the country selected for the Fenwal 2007 Donation Hall of Fame.

Blood centers across the country submitted nominations for this year’s Donation Hall of Fame.  Winners were chosen based on their demonstrated commitment and passion to donating blood and/or encouraging blood donation.  Each winner received a personalized award from Fenwal and will be featured in the company’s newsmagazine, Continuous Flow, as well as their 2008 product-dating calendar they provide to U.S. blood centers.

“Each and every donor inducted into the Donation Hall of Fame is an amazing individual, and we are honored to be able to recognize Scott Cox with this award,” said Ron Labrum, Fenwal’s  President and CEO.  “The gift of blood is a gift of life and we hope these donors’ stories will inspire others to support their communities through blood donation.”

Houchin Blood Bank congratulates Scott Cox and is proud to recognize him with this prestigious award!