February Donor: Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson first started donating blood at 16 years old when he was a student at Ridgeview High School! Wesley says, “My blood type is O Negative, I know it’s important because it is the universal blood type. I just try to give when I can so that I can help the most people that I can.” Wesley recently switched over to an automated donation procedure where he is able to save the most lives and give the blood products that are best for his height, Continue reading →

March Donor: Anna Gomez

Anna Gomez recently donated her 44th pint with us, and proudly sports her 4 gallon club license plate frame around Orange County, where she is now working a job she loves in quality control with a food company.  She has donated with the blood bank where she lives now, but always donates with us when she is visiting her parents. “It feels like community” with us she says. Anna did share that she enjoyed the online appointment scheduling at her OC blood bank, and was Continue reading →

January Donor: Frank Buoni

Frank Buoni had been trying to reach his next gallon milestone for a few weeks but his iron was always just a tad bit low. Finally on December 21st, Frank celebrated his 10th gallon donation at our Bolthouse Donor Center! Donating 10 gallons of blood is no small feat. It takes years of commitment and perseverance. Frank has many friends here at Houchin, both old and new. Three members of our staff went to Bakersfield High School with Frank, and it  was one of his Continue reading →

December Donor: Ramon Hendrix

Ramon Hendrix recently received his 21 gallon license plate frame from Nurse Carlena. He was thrilled to be seated next to a former student and first time donor, Kristina Florez at the time. Mr. Hendrix was the principal of Stockdale High School for 13 years, just recently becoming the new Superintendent of the Greenfield Union School District.  Kristina is a junior at Stockdale High, so it was a great reunion for them both.  Kristina says she was encouraged to donate not only to save lives, Continue reading →

November Donor: Sabrina Valadez

Sabrina was first introduced to Houchin Community Blood Bank as a child. She used to wait in the canteen at our old G Street donor center while her grandmother donated blood. She recalls her grandmother telling her,  “When you get old enough you need to do this, you could help a lot of people.” When she was sixteen, she finally had the opportunity to donate blood when one of Houchin’s mobile buses came to her high school. Sabrina’s grandmother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Continue reading →

October Donor – Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz made sure to keep his platelet donation appointment when he heard how low the supplies were.  He was pretty much all by himself in the Bolthouse Donor Center sadly enough.  Michael has given platelets 4 times now, and knows he can give those along with a unit of O+ blood every two months, then he can also give platelets and plasma the month in between.  He wants to keep getting the gallon club license plate frames, but also wants to help the most Continue reading →

September Donor Lewis Gunsolus

Our September Donor of the Month, Lewis Gunsolus, has a very special story to share. He had donated blood a few times in high school, when he suddenly needed it himself. It was New Year’s Eve in 2010, when Lewis was driving a friend home and pulled out at a blind intersection not realising an approaching car was going 75 miles a hour and gaining on him too fast. The car t-boned his, hitting the driver side door. His vehicle was thrown to the other Continue reading →

August Donor: Elijah Fernandez

Elijah Fernandez is an incoming senior at Centennial High School. Although he has only had two opportunities to donate at school, he has gone above and beyond and made sure to donate outside of school as well. Elijah is 17-years-old and and he has already donated four times, at this pace he will graduate from high school having reached his first gallon milestone and be a Gallon Grad! Elijah plans on applying to college this fall. He is excited for his senior year where he Continue reading →

July 2017 Donor – Sheila Ross

Sheila Ross got started donating with her husband Robert, and was on the verge of making her 10th gallon in June.  She was sad that Bob was unable to achieve his goal of the 10 gallon club as illness made him unable to give the last 6 pints.  Even though he died 12 years ago, Sheila wanted to find a way for him to achieve that goal, so she invited friends and family to help. On Saturday, June 17, 2017 Sheila organized the Bob Ross Continue reading →

June Donor: Leroy Orozco

Leroy Orozco is a three gallon donor. He is also a hard working dad who loves spending time with his family. His dedication towards his work and to his family is what makes him such an inspiration to his kids. Leroy likes to give because he knows that at any moment a friend or a loved one may need it.  He gives because it’s the right thing to do. His children, Miranda and Nickolas, remember that one day while going through some old boxes, they found a Continue reading →