June Donor: Leroy Orozco

Leroy Orozco is a three gallon donor. He is also a hard working dad who loves spending time with his family. His dedication towards his work and to his family is what makes him such an inspiration to his kids. Leroy likes to give because he knows that at any moment a friend or a loved one may need it.  He gives because it’s the right thing to do.

His children, Miranda and Nickolas, remember that one day while going through some old boxes, they found a Houchin license plate frame. This discovery prompted them to ask their dad how he had earned his plate. Leroy explained to them what blood donation was and that he and his family donated together to help other people’s lives. His kids were excited to one day be able to continue the family tradition and donate with their dad. Both of his kids are now dedicated blood donors, and mom Monica, makes sure they keep to their appointments every eight weeks!

Aside from donating blood, Leroy is a man of many interests. He enjoys working on his car and making his garden beautiful. Leroy’s favorite hangout spot with his kids and wife is Knott’s Berry Farm. He also loves baseball, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thank you Leroy for being such an inspiring dad to your kids and for teaching them the importance of saving lives here in Bakersfield. Happy Father’s Day and we look forward to seeing  you and your family at one of our donor centers soon!


May Donor – Lori Jauch

We have a great mother-daughter donor story for Mother’s Day Month. Donor Lori Jauch feels very fortunate to be able to hold grandchildren she almost didn’t have.  Her 21-year-old daughter, Ashley App McConn, was practicing on her quad going over a huge table top jump eight years ago, when an unfortunate accident occurred.

The quad broke on take-off causing it to send her over the handlebars, eventually landing on her head.  She was medevaced out on life support and in a coma for 14 days.  She spent 30 days in the hospital, then needed rehab.  She needed several pints of blood while hospitalized. Read more about Ashley’s road to recovery here. Lori was thrilled to be able to show Ashley the foal born when she was in a coma once she got better.

After Ashley was fully recovered, Lori decided to start giving back to others in need.  She reports “We are truly blessed.  She’s now married with two kids. Donating is very important to all of us. The staff is so friendly. Thanks for all you do!!”

Lori enjoys travel, horseback riding, gardening and photography, but her greatest joy is spending time with family, especially her grandchildren.

We thank you for being a blood donor Lori!

April Donor: Cheryl Isaac

Cheryl Isaac became a blood donor 19 years ago. Her husband, then boyfriend, was a regular donor so one day she decided to give it a go and donate with him. Cheryl and her husband made a date out of their donation day. They donated together every eight weeks and would conclude the evening by getting a milkshake. Who would think being a blood donor could be so romantic?

Today, Cheryl continues to donate, however she now donates platelets and plasma. Our telerecruiting department can always count on her to come in to donate when an urgent need is present. Cheryl loves her community and wishes to help others, especially those in greatest need. She says, “It is nice to be able to do something for your community.  Sometimes you feel helpless when you can’t help those suffering but this is one way you can. It takes a little bit more time, but it’s worth it because the sickest people benefit from it.”

Cheryl was one of the attendees of this year’s Gold Club Dinner, meaning she donated platelets more than 6 times last year. She actually donated 13 times! She encourages others to strive to reach 6 donations in 2017 to be invited to the next platelet dinner with a guest. Every year a platelet recipient tells the story of their survival thanks to their donations. Cheryl says, “The dinner is great because you get to put faces to people who receive the products you donated.”

Thank you Cheryl for being a noble human being and for giving up your time and cells to save the lives of others. For this and more, you are deserving of being donor of the month!


March Donor: Patrick Clary

Patrick Clary’s first time donating was on the day he applied for a job at Houchin Community Blood Bank. Patrick was hired in the distribution department shortly after and he has been saving lives ever since. Today he is the Manager of Materials and Blood Inventory here at Houchin.

Patrick gets on the trima machine to donate platelets frequently, especially on days when platelet appointments are low and the demand by hospitals is high. Patrick has donated 835 units of platelets and one gallon of whole blood. Patrick says, “I strongly believe that we must practice what we preach, this is one of the reasons I donate.  It doesn’t feel right for me to ask others to donate if I don’t do it myself.”

Patrick remembers a day when he noticed that the bag of platelets he was about to deliver to a local hospital was the very bag he donated just a couple of days earlier. When he delivered the bag he found out the recipient was a four year old boy battling cancer. Ten years later he found out that the boy survived! His donated platelets played a role in this little boy’s recovery.

Patrick urges people to remember that these donations save the lives of real people of all ages. He says, “If you wait, it may be too late.  It’s the blood that is on the shelves now that can save a life today. Don’t wait until a tragedy strikes to be compelled to donate, because by then it may be too late.” He wishes those able to donate would become regular donors. Those able to donate include people with controlled diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension, and other non-blood borne illnesses. As Patrick says, “In this world, we are all family, so let’s help each other out.”

February Donor: Brooke Hanson

Pregnant with twins at 39 weeks, Brooke Hanson was eager to meet her new babies and hold them in her arms. Little did she know her world was about to be turned upside down, and her life almost ended.

Brooke delivered two beautiful 8 pound baby boys, which she got to hold only briefly before a wave of pain shot through her. She handed the babies over to the nearest nurse and rapidly became unresponsive as her blood pressure plummeted. Brooke had suffered a ruptured aneurysm in her splenic artery. Fortunately for Brooke, she was immediately taken into surgery where seven units of blood helped save her life. Brooke says, “I thank the donors who saved my life and allowed me to be a mother to my children and a wife to my husband.”

Brooke encourages everyone that is able to donate to do so, because everyday lives like her’s can be saved but only if the blood products that can only come from volunteer donors are available. Today, she is committed to donating blood regularly, and to bringing in new donors. Thank you Brooke, for telling your story and inspiring others to donate and save lives.

January Donor: Leann Meek

Leann Meek’s first times donating blood were filled with fun and a little healthy competition! She used to donate blood regularly with her sister and every time they would race to see who’s pint would draw fastest! Who knew donating blood could be so much fun?!

Leann recently became an AB blood type platelet and plasma donor and is now part of the life-saving gold club. She
converted when she received a phone call from our telerecruiting department asking her to please come in and donate for a premature baby who was in the hospital at the time.  Leann did not hesitate to make an appointment as she says, “I donated because I knew this child needed me to live and I hope that if my grandchildren were ever in this kind of situation someone would help them.” Many don’t know that the AB blood type is the universal blood type for platelets and plasma. This means that in the case of an emergency or a very sick baby, AB platelets and plasma are used. This is why it is so important that people like Leann, AB donors, come in regularly.

Leann enjoys spending time in her garden and spending time outdoors in the summer. She is a committed donor and encourages others to donate! Leann says, “Try it at least once. Honestly, it’s like a break from your day where you can just chill and watch TV or go on the computer. Don’t be scared of it it’s not painful. ” Thank you, Leann, for selflessly giving the best gift anyone could give, life! See you back at our donor center soon!

December Donor: Christina Mercado

img_0231Christina Mercado recently celebrated the one year mark since her last blood transfusion by donating blood! After months of feeling under the weather and countless visits to several doctors, Christina was told time after time that there was nothing wrong with her. This was until one night when she was rushed to Kern Medical for severe hemorrhaging. At the hospital, her life was saved thanks to three blood transfusions totaling 6 units of O positive blood.

12711100_1024757630903816_9079283590512511051_oChristina is very thankful to the people whose blood donations she received. Since recuperating, Christina has gone back to school and is studying to be a paramedic, while also being devoted to raising her three boys! She is grateful for the possibility of a future made possible by selfless strangers that decided to walk into Houchin and just donate.

Christina plans on being a regular donor and an advocate for blood donation. She urges everyone: “You have to put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs your blood. Think, what would I want a stranger to do for me? Try donating at least one time because even one time is one gift that is priceless.”

November Donor of The Month: Albert Bravo

albert-bravoLet us congratulate Albert Bravo, November’s Donor of the Month. Albert recently reached his 1 gallon milestone at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church!

Albert was inspired to donate by his daughter Brianna, because she was born with a heart defect and a rare condition called dextrocardia, a birth defect in which organs are reversed. Albert’s daughter’s life was saved after many complicated surgeries and blood transfusions.

Thankfully, Brianna is well and thriving! She is about to graduate from college and she recently celebrated her 21st birthday! As a thank you to blood donors, Albert started his mission of saving lives and continues to donate because he understands first-hand how critical it is to have blood products on our shelves. Thank you for saving lives Albert. See you in our donation chairs soon!

Donor of the Month: Debbie Hallum

debbie-hallum-2Debbie Hallum is a dedicated donor with over 10 gallons of blood donated here at Houchin.  Debbie’s journey as a donor began in 1997 when she and her husband first came in to donate in hopes of getting a cool themed T-shirt. Since then, Debbie has donated consistently along with her husband Charlie, who is a 6 galloneer – what a terrific duo!

Last year Debbie lost her father. He was short of reaching his 12 gallon milestone before he developed cancer. As a tribute to her father, Debbie appealed to debbies-collagefriends and family to make up the last 6 pints her father needed to hit the 12 gallon donation mark. She had each donor send her a selfie of their wrapped arm, which she made into a great collage shown here. To honor this effort, we presented Debbie with the 12 gallon license plate frame her father wanted to earn.

Debbie recalls how before she began donating blood she used to be scared of needles but she got over her fear because she knew how much of a difference she could make, as her own mother once required 13 pints of blood in one go. She says, “Only 3% of the population give blood but 100% could one day use it.”

During her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with friends, celebrating birthdays, and going on wine tours. Debbie is truly an example to follow and this is why she is October’s Donor of the Month! Congratulations, Debbie, see you at our donor center, soon!


Donor Of The Month: Leonard Zasoski

Leonard-Zasoski photo from CalifornianLeonard Zasoski, is a dedicated blood and trima donor, with more than 11 gallons of whole blood and 215 units of platelets in his history. Leonard’s father was a faithful blood donor, who encouraged his son to do so as well, yet Leonard did not get around to it until he learned his father would be undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and would need platelets in 1992. Leonard continued to donate after his father’s passing as a way to feel close to the memory of his father.

In 2011, Leonard found out he had prostate cancer himself.  Leonard was saddened not only by his diagnosis, but also because he could no longer do the one thing that allowed him to continue to honor his late father—donate blood products.

Thankfully, since Leonard’s cancer was caught early, it could be fully removed and Leonard was declared cancer free. Although he no longer had cancer, Leonard was not able to donate blood or platelets until he was five years past treatment in accordance with FDA regulations. During those years, Leonard became very active in work supporting prostate cancer survivors and urging early diagnosis of the disease.

Leonard-Zasoski photo from first day backOn July 25th, with a great smile on his face and a spring in his step, Leonard walked into our donor center to resume his community service by donating platelets. Since that day he has donated platelets 5 times. Leonard hopes to continue donating for as long as he possibly can and encourages others to join him in saving lives. On the occasion of his return to donating, he wrote a letter to The Bakersfield Californian detailing his story and urging others to give. It was selected as a Community Voice piece, and is available to read here.

Welcome back Leonard. Congratulations on beating cancer, and we look forward to seeing you often in our Gold Club chairs!