May Donor – Lori Jauch

We have a great mother-daughter donor story for Mother’s Day Month. Donor Lori Jauch feels very fortunate to be able to hold grandchildren she almost didn’t have.  Her 21-year-old daughter, Ashley App McConn, was practicing on her quad going over a huge table top jump eight years ago, when an unfortunate accident occurred. The quad broke on take-off causing it to send her over the handlebars, eventually landing on her head.  She was medevaced out on life support and in a coma for 14 days.  She Continue reading →

April Donor: Cheryl Isaac

Cheryl Isaac became a blood donor 19 years ago. Her husband, then boyfriend, was a regular donor so one day she decided to give it a go and donate with him. Cheryl and her husband made a date out of their donation day. They donated together every eight weeks and would conclude the evening by getting a milkshake. Who would think being a blood donor could be so romantic? Today, Cheryl continues to donate, however she now donates platelets and plasma. Our telerecruiting department can Continue reading →

February Donor: Brooke Hanson

Pregnant with twins at 39 weeks, Brooke Hanson was eager to meet her new babies and hold them in her arms. Little did she know her world was about to be turned upside down, and her life almost ended. Brooke delivered two beautiful 8 pound baby boys, which she got to hold only briefly before a wave of pain shot through her. She handed the babies over to the nearest nurse and rapidly became unresponsive as her blood pressure plummeted. Brooke had suffered a ruptured aneurysm Continue reading →

January Donor: Leann Meek

Leann Meek’s first times donating blood were filled with fun and a little healthy competition! She used to donate blood regularly with her sister and every time they would race to see who’s pint would draw fastest! Who knew donating blood could be so much fun?! Leann recently became an AB blood type platelet and plasma donor and is now part of the life-saving gold club. She converted when she received a phone call from our telerecruiting department asking her to please come in and Continue reading →

December Donor: Christina Mercado

Christina Mercado recently celebrated the one year mark since her last blood transfusion by donating blood! After months of feeling under the weather and countless visits to several doctors, Christina was told time after time that there was nothing wrong with her. This was until one night when she was rushed to Kern Medical for severe hemorrhaging. At the hospital, her life was saved thanks to three blood transfusions totaling 6 units of O positive blood. Christina is very thankful to the people whose blood Continue reading →

November Donor of The Month: Albert Bravo

Let us congratulate Albert Bravo, November’s Donor of the Month. Albert recently reached his 1 gallon milestone at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church! Albert was inspired to donate by his daughter Brianna, because she was born with a heart defect and a rare condition called dextrocardia, a birth defect in which organs are reversed. Albert’s daughter’s life was saved after many complicated surgeries and blood transfusions. Thankfully, Brianna is well and thriving! She is about to graduate from college and she recently celebrated her Continue reading →

Donor of the Month: Debbie Hallum

Debbie Hallum is a dedicated donor with over 10 gallons of blood donated here at Houchin.  Debbie’s journey as a donor began in 1997 when she and her husband first came in to donate in hopes of getting a cool themed T-shirt. Since then, Debbie has donated consistently along with her husband Charlie, who is a 6 galloneer – what a terrific duo! Last year Debbie lost her father. He was short of reaching his 12 gallon milestone before he developed cancer. As a tribute Continue reading →

Donor Of The Month: Leonard Zasoski

Leonard Zasoski, is a dedicated blood and trima donor, with more than 11 gallons of whole blood and 215 units of platelets in his history. Leonard’s father was a faithful blood donor, who encouraged his son to do so as well, yet Leonard did not get around to it until he learned his father would be undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and would need platelets in 1992. Leonard continued to donate after his father’s passing as a way to feel close to the memory of Continue reading →

Donor of the Month: Elisa Hylton

During the time the Erskine Fire tore through the community of the Kern River Valley, Houchin Community Blood Bank cancelled a previously scheduled blood drive in Lake Isabella. This caused the number of blood units typically collected to be absent from our inventory. During this shortage we asked members of the local Bakersfield community to come out and donate blood at the County Administrative and Courts Buildings. One person we did not expect to show up was Elisa Hylton. Elisa Hylton lives in Lake Isabella, Continue reading →

July Donor of the Month

Like most military men, Randy Greenlee donated his first pint of blood while serving in the 82nd Airborne Infantry. He never realized the kind of impact his blood donation had on patients in need until his father got sick. In 1985, Randy’s father was rushed to the hospital, because his kidneys were failing. For the next few months, Randy would go from Bakersfield to Santa Barbara everyday to watch his father go through over 300 units of red cells. Looking for a way to help, Randy Continue reading →