June Donor of the Month

As soon as Bob Kimble enters the building, he is greeted by smiles and hugs by the Houchin Staff. With 263 platelet donations and counting, Bob has become a familiar face at our donor centers. Bob first started donating blood when he was 28, while working as an intern for a local piping union. As a part of the internship, interns were required to go to school three times a week, but if they donated with Houchin they would be able to miss a day Continue reading →

April Donor of the Month

Since only 4% of the population has AB blood, and AB patients can take any blood type safely, hospitals seldom call for AB red cells.  While AB donors are discouraged from donating whole blood,  AB plasma and platelets are universally accepted by all blood types. One donor who has gotten that message is Jessica Dickson. Jessica has been donating for as long as she can remember. She was first recruited as a blood donor, but after reaching her one gallon milestone, she learned that patients rarely Continue reading →

March Donor of the Month

Stallion Springs is a close-knit community where everyone cares about each other. So it’s no surprise that their blood drives average 30 or more donors. The success of the blood drives is due to the unquestionably hard work of the Stallion Springs CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). They have helped organized the Stallion Springs community blood drives since 2012. The CERT program is designed to alleviate some of the pressure on first responders during a major disaster such as fire, flood or even a major spill Continue reading →

February Donor of the Month

Blood donation has been truly life changing for JR Nielsen. JR started donating in the late 1980’s when he was working at the Bakersfield Californian and his supervisor encouraged him to donate. After learning he was A-, JR became a dedicated donor and a regular face at blood drives and donor centers. On one of his visits, JR asked if Houchin was hiring, and was excited to learn there was a registrar position open. He told his wife about it, and Allyson Nielsen was hired Continue reading →

Donor of the Month

On Friday December 18, 2015 at 92 years old, Jack Hood achieved two large milestones: 22 gallons and 200 platelet donations. For Jack, this was just another day of saving lives. Helping others has always been in his nature. While serving in the Navy as a first-class radioman in his early 20s, Jack had his first opportunity to donate blood. He was not ordered or asked, Jack just jumped at the chance to help others, because in his heart he knew it was the right thing to do. At Continue reading →

Featured December Donor of the Month

On August 4th 2006, Dominique Camou became a first-time father to a beautiful baby boy, Cristian Angel Camou. A month later, with a heavy heart, Dominque found himself on the third floor in Bakersfield Memorial Hospital; Cristian had been diagnosed with Sepsis. Sepsis occurs when chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight infection trigger inflammation throughout the body, and if not treated properly could be fatal. Dominique was overcome with a feeling of helplessness as his baby boy fought for life. Eight days later,with the help Continue reading →

Featured November Donor of the Month

In 1978, Michael Ardis donated blood for the first time with Houchin Community Blood Bank. His wife’s grandfather was going in for surgery and donating blood was the best way he could help. After his first donation Micheal learned he was O negative, the universal blood donor. From then on, his visits to Houchin became more frequent and Michael will be celebrating 17 gallons on his next donation. Every time Michael comes in to donate, he credits the Vietnam Vets of America. Although Michael did not Continue reading →

Featured October Donor of the Month

Claire Frisch is well-known for her upbeat personality and selflessness. No matter how small the task maybe, Claire never skips a beat when it comes to her philanthropic responsibilities in our community. Although turning 85 this October, Claire is an active volunteer in our community. Claire has been an avid blood donor and volunteer for many years, but at one point, she needed to put a pause on donating because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even at a young age, Claire always had compassion to Continue reading →

Featured September Donor of the Month

Alan Pippert is not your average 18 year old. Besides being an avid volunteer at the CALM zoo, and maintaining a part-time job, he is working towards obtaining his pilot’s license, and aspiring to be an aerospace engineer.  Alan is also a dedicated blood donor. On May 29, 2013, the day of Alan’s 16th birthday, he walked into the blood bank with his family to donate blood, “because of my mom, I grew up with the idea of the importance of donating, that it’s just a Continue reading →

Featured August Donor of the Month

Blood products are a lifeline for many people needing long-term treatments and in emergencies. Hubert Rabanal can relate to this statement. Blood products helped his son, Zachary, beat cancer. That day would not have been possible without the aid of selfless donors according to Hubert. Hubert and his family moved from Hawaii to Delano in the 1960s.  He met his wife, Janet, in Delano, and they raised their son, Zachary, and ,daughter Taylor there. Twenty years ago, Hubert and Janet received the news no parents Continue reading →