Jeff Jones is Houchin’s Donor of the Month!

Jeff Jones, a local petroleum engineer, has been a donor since 1985 when a woman at his church was diagnosed with Leukemia. In an attempt to help her, he overcame his fear of needles and went down to be screened for Bone Marrow donation. Jeff soon realized that donating blood was not as bad as he had expected and now refers to himself as “addicted” to donating, though his fear of needles still remains! When he is not working in his shop, Jeff enjoys spending Continue reading →

Florn Core is Houchin’s Donor of the Month!

Florn Core has been a long time Houchin donor, contributing 109 Red Blood Cells and almost 28 gallons of blood!  Florn is a retired Water Resources Manager. He has been married to Sherry for 26 years and they have two girls, a cat and a dog. He’s described as a pleasant and practical guy who likes to have fun, vacation at the coast and spend time with his wife. Why Does Florn Donate? He’s a long time donor because he believes giving blood is a Continue reading →

Andrew Weisz is Houchin’s Donor of the Month for September 2010!

Andrew began donating blood August 18, 2010. He began giving when he heard that blood levels at Houchin were low. When he went in to donate the first time he was unable to give and had an extremely hard time, however he regained the nerve to go in and try again.  Andrew is currently attending college and working as a physical therapist aide. Andrew’s hobbies include tennis, relaxing, and playing with his two golden retrievers.  Andrew’s quote to live by is, “life is short, be Continue reading →

Beau Braisher is Houchin’s Donor of the Month for July 2010

Beau is a member of Houchin Community Blood Bank’s 10 Gallon Donor Club and has been donating for about 18 years. He was inspired to donate by his Grandpa, Dad and Uncle who are donors also; it is a family tradition. Beau owns Beau’s Pool Service in Bakersfield where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and 2 children. What Motivates Beau Braisher to Donate? Beau donates blood because he wants to help people and wants to be there for people in need. He believes that Continue reading →

Max Morris is Houchin’s Donor of the Month for May 2010

Mr. Morris is part of Houchin Community Blood Bank’s 18 Gallon Donor Club! That means he has donated blood over 144 times! He began donating in 1955 when he was in the Air Force, and then joined the Houchin community while he was a firefighter with the Bakersfield Fire Department. Mr. Morris retired from the BFD after 30 years of service, and is now enjoying life with his wife of 48 years, Sandee. What motivates Max Morris to donate? He donates blood because it makes Continue reading →

Forrest Harrison has been recognized as Houchin’s March 2010 Donor of the Month!

He has donated 162 pints of blood which is over 20 GALLONS!  Forrest first donated blood in the Army and then it became a habit to donate at Houchin. He has worked for the Kern County Environmental Health Services Department for 38 years.  Forrest has also been married to his wife, Margaret, for 38 years.  They have two daughters.  He enjoys woodworking in his spare time. Why does Forrest donate? He says it’s easy and it’s always better to give blood then to receive blood.  Continue reading →

Billy Elrod – November

Billy recently donated his 205th platelet donation and has donated two gallons of blood. He has been married for 27 years to his wife Terry. They have three sons-Timothy, Christopher and Jacob. Billy is a native of Bakersfield. In his free time, he enjoys riding his Harley and eating Mexican food. Q. Why does Billy donate? A. He feels that there’s not enough participation in our community. There’s always a need for platelets and not enough platelet donors. Q. When was the first time Billy Continue reading →