Donor of the Month

2015-12-18 08.25.39On Friday December 18, 2015 at 92 years old, Jack Hood achieved two large milestones: 22 gallons and 200 platelet donations. For Jack, this was just another day of saving lives. Helping others has always been in his nature. While serving in the Navy as a first-class radioman in his early 20s, Jack had his first opportunity to donate blood. He was not ordered or asked, Jack just jumped at the chance to help others, because in his heart he knew it was the right thing to do. At 22 gallons and 200 platelets, Jack is likely one of the oldest World War II veterans still donating today.

2015-12-18 08.02.42Upon returning to Bakersfield after serving, Jack continued giving and still remembers the days at our downtown location. It was there where he was first asked to give platelets. There was no need to convince Jack, because a way to help more people made him more than happy to roll up his sleeve.

His spirit of giving has been a great influence to those around him. Jack’s son was an avid 11 gallon donor before his passing and his wife of 66 years, Sharon, is a strong supporter of his mission to save lives. “To be married to a man that gives and gives, does and does for other people is wonderful,” says Sharon. Jack knows he will never meet the people his blood products help, but he finds comfort in knowing that he is making a difference. He wants new donors to understand that they should give now, not when a loved one or someone close to them is in need. It is best to act then react.

Jack enjoys traveling with his wife in their RV and looks forward to donating as long as he is healthy. ” I think that’s a testament to a man that believes in giving back to his community and truly participating in a selfless act of donation, ” said President and CEO Greg Gallion. Click here to watch Jack’s segment on KGET-17.