February Donor: Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson first started donating blood at 16 years old when he was a student at Ridgeview High School! Wesley says, “My blood type is O Negative, I know it’s important because it is the universal blood type. I just try to give when I can so that I can help the most people that I can.” Wesley recently switched over to an automated donation procedure where he is able to save the most lives and give the blood products that are best for his height, weight, and blood type. Wesley was able to donate a unit of red cells, a platelet, and a plasma! His donation will save and help in more ways than the average whole blood donation.

Wesley enjoys playing golf during his time off and spending time with his wife.  Wesley is a tattoo aficionado. He explained that the tattoo he has on his inner arm is a tribute to his late mother, and the tattoo on his outer arm is a tribute to his father as well as his family. He was happy to find out that people are now able to donate blood only seven days after getting a tattoo. He is excited to be able to continue getting awesome tattoos and still being able to donate blood, platelets, and plasma. Wesley encourages everyone that can, to donate blood. He says, “Its worth it. You can help people when they need it the most, and if you ever need it, there will be someone else that is able to help you.”