Gallon Grad Club

The Gallon Grad Club is open to all students, and designed to make young people lifelong donors. The process is simple.  Just register to give blood crediting your school. Your donations will be automatically totaled in our secure computer system.  You can donate at school, on any mobile drive, or at the blood bank for your pints to count. Once you donate 8 times to reach a gallon, you receive all the benefits of the program! All students who become Gallon Grads by May 1, 2018 will be entered to win one of two $250 scholarships sponsored by Kern Schools Federal Credit Union!.

Your one gallon club license plate will be given to you when you donate that eighth time.  A letter of recognition from our CEO will arrive shortly after with a brass key tag showing your blood type.  This tag has a unique number so that if it is ever lost and returned to our address on the back of the tag we can return them to you. There is no sign up necessary for this new program, so long as you credit a school.  To help students keep track of donations, a Gallon Grad Club punch card is available at high school mobiles and at the donor centers.  We can also mail one to you. At the blood bank, our staff will be happy to look up your record and insure your punch card reflects your present donation status. This service is not available at high school drives.

With your eighth donation you become a Gallon Grad and receive:

  • A Recognition Letter for Job or College applications
  • Valuable Community Service
  • Gallon Club License Plate Frame
  • Donor Card, with Blood Type
  • Free Mini Health Screenings
  • Brass Key Tag with Blood Type
  • Knowledge You’ve Saved Lives!
  • A chance to win one of two $250 scholarships from Kern Schools

The letter from our CEO received by Gallon Grads recognizing their community service and commitment to a cause, is suitable for attachment to job and school applications at any time, so don’t give up if you don’t make 8 donations by high school graduation.  You can still be a Gallon Grad before you graduate from college.