Group Gives are Welcome

We are looking for small groups of friends, co-workers, family members, youth groups or any team of people 16 and over who would like to donate blood together to help us fill the ongoing need for blood products. Although it is completely optional, groups of 8 or more can try to give a gallon at one time and be entered into our Gr8 Givers Gallon Club.

We appreciate the opportunity to let Donor Services staff know that a group is coming in, so if you can plan ahead, contact Community Development at 616-2500 or We can send you advance information on getting ready for donation, and help you select a time when we will be fully staffed so we can get you in the chairs as soon as possible.

One of our recent group gives came from the office of Dr. Tadej and Dr. Baker’s Orthodontics Office, as shown above.  We appreciated working with Vanessa Ogle on that June 16th drive. The ladies hope to organize a mobile drive or try for the gallon club when they are next eligible.

Luis Cruz organized a second group give by employees of the Tommy Hilfiger Store at the Outlets of Tejon on June 16th. They came after work, and posed for a group photo to share with corporate to illustrate their generous support to the local community’s blood needs.