Hit by Truck, Young Mother Saved by Blood Donations

It was October 19, 2005, and Shelby Steel and her daughter were on their way to a birthday party in Tehachapi when their Nissan Altima was struck in an intersection by a pickup truck.  The truck driver had been drinking and was speeding. Two-year-old Mayela Rose was tucked in her booster seat in the back seat and escaped unharmed, but Shelby almost died of her injuries, needing 4 units of red blood cells to survive. She says: “Blood donors saved my life!”

At the time of the accident, Shelby was a 20 year old college freshman at Bakersfield College. She credits blood donors with the opportunity to live to see Mayela Rose grow up and be with her when she married Christopher Morgan.

After surviving the accident, Shelby was able to go on to college to study art therapy, and worked as a volunteer at Mercy Hospital on Truxtun Avenue doing art with the patients.

Shelby is currently working at a call center doing technical support for Apple, and hopes to eventually go into police dispatching. She is an O+ blood donor who knows O+ red cells are the most needed type at hospitals.  She wants to ensure blood is available for someone who needs a transfusion to survive, just like she did.

Thanks for being a donor Shelby and for sharing your story with us.  Anyone who wants to tell us their story can enter it here, or fill in a story sheet in the canteens at either donor center after their next donation like Shelby did!