January Donor: Frank Buoni

Frank Buoni had been trying to reach his next gallon milestone for a few weeks but his iron was always just a tad bit low. Finally on December 21st, Frank celebrated his 10th gallon donation at our Bolthouse Donor Center! Donating 10 gallons of blood is no small feat. It takes years of commitment and perseverance.

Frank has many friends here at Houchin, both old and new. Three members of our staff went to Bakersfield High School with Frank, and it  was one of his old classmates that encouraged him to start donating years back. Since then, Frank has devoted time to donating regularly.

Frank encourages others to step up to the plate and save lives. Frank says he wants people to know that donating blood is important because  “It feels good to help people in need!” During his free time, Frank enjoys farming, hunting, making wine, and spending time with his family. We appreciate Frank’s commitment to saving lives and giving back to his community!