Kids Born with Half a Heart

You probably remember our delightful friend Charlie, who celebrated her third birthday with us by hosting a month long blood drive with her family. They encouraged 3,333 blood product donations during February 2017 in advance of an impending heart surgery for Charlie.  She went through that successful surgery on May 30th, and is back to her active little self. Your can follow her progress at Hearts for Charlie.

While Charlie was born missing the left side of her heart, her friend Brave Baby Ben was born missing the right side of his, so they have one whole heart between them.  Both are tough little people, having experienced surgery and procedures since birth.  Such surgeries require blood, platelets and plasma donations from donors like you.

We are going to celebrate these two great kids throughout February, which is American Heart Month. They and their families will host a blood drive on Saturday, February 17, 2018 as well.

While we think of hearts in February, it’s probably not the kind beating in our chests.  Real hearts need to be mended constantly in people of all ages, so we hope to see many donors in giving blood, platelets and plasma from their hearts throughout the month.  We will feature more about these great kids all month on social media. Can we beat last year’s February totals in honor of these little survivors? We sure hope so.