March Donor: Anna Gomez

Anna Gomez recently donated her 44th pint with us, and proudly sports her 4 gallon club license plate frame around Orange County, where she is now working a job she loves in quality control with a food company.  She has donated with the blood bank where she lives now, but always donates with us when she is visiting her parents. “It feels like community” with us she says.

Anna did share that she enjoyed the online appointment scheduling at her OC blood bank, and was pleased to hear Houchin would be adding features like that soon. She felt the change would increase enrollment in donation with processes at people’s fingertips in her hometown.

Anna is a graduate of Cal State Northridge and Bakersfield College, and began donating at Ridgeview High, “lured by the free food”, she laughs.  She knows her O+ blood is always needed and she likes to “make a change in the world with her donations.  Her interest in donating increased when a friend was diagnosed with leukemia about 3 years ago.  He is in remission right now, but had a very tough one and a half years of treatments.  Anna says “It’s good to know I can help others with terrible illnesses”. She adds: You don’t see where your blood goes, but you know it is used to save lives”.

We look forward to seeing Anna on her next visit home!