Mom Tells of Transfusion Miracle

Donor Victoria Garza shared the story of why she donates with us. Her reason is her son Adam, who is featured as our patient of the month for August. After a complicated pregnancy, Adam was born with a birth defect, Gastroschisis.  His intestines and part of his liver were developed on the outside of his body leaving a big hole in his abdomen.  After two surgeries, his recovery was still very rough.  He needed and received a blood transfusion. According to Victoria:  “After the transfusion, his recovery and health improved so fast!”

Adam, is now 5 years old and he is the reason Victoria donates.  She says: “Because somewhere out there is a person in need of a little help.  And it’s my way of helping and thanking others who donate.”

Adam is no stranger to blood donation, because according to Victoria, “I bring my son with me every time I donate.  He loves to meet everyone, enjoy a snack and accompany me while we save life.”

We appreciate Victoria sharing her story and allowing us to meet Adam, whose life truly hung in the balance in need of the transfusion only donors can provide. Maybe you will run into Victoria and Adam during your donation!

If you have a story to share, just do what Victoria did, and let us know about it here.