Mother’s Loss to Cancer Inspires Nurse

Yaneth Flores lost her mother to breast cancer, but not without a fight aided by transfusions of blood products.  Esmeralda Gomez was only 39 years old when she lost her battle to survive. She was a beloved mother, daughter, aunt and wife, and the center of a large family.  Esmeralda was visited by her family throughout her late stage cancer fight, and the long hours with her mother, and the Kern Medical staff,  inspired Yaneth to want to be a nurse.

Yaneth was able to make that dream a reality, and is a nurse at a local hospital today. She has seen first hand the ongoing need for platelets, plasma and red cells. She says: “If it weren’t for the amazing donors that take time out of their busy days to donate, my patients would spend more time in the hospital. I have personally seen patients benefit from these transfusions, so that it why I donate”.

We thank Yaneth for being a donor and letting us know what blood products meant to her mother and to the patients she serves as a nurse today.