Not Scared Of Needles Are You? Donate Blood!

In the past you may have walked onto one of our mobile buses or into one of our two donor centers ready to donate blood, gone through registration, and answered the health questionnaire, only to be turned away because you had gotten a tattoo recently.  Well, let us tell you those days are long gone!

Effective February 2, 2018, a person receiving a tattoo in a licensed facility, in a regulated state like California, can donate just seven days after the tattoo.  The previous one year wait period has kept many people from donating, and we look forward to seeing those donors back in and saving lives. If you have been deferred for tattoos in the past, you may now be eligible to give.

We invite any returning or new donors that would like to show off their tattoo art to let our staff know so that we can take a picture and post it on our social media! We know you are not afraid of needles, so what are you waiting for? Donate blood and save a life in our community!

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to donate, please give us a call at 661-323-4222 or send us an email at