November Donor: Sabrina Valadez

Sabrina was first introduced to Houchin Community Blood Bank as a child. She used to wait in the canteen at our old G Street donor center while her grandmother donated blood. She recalls her grandmother telling her,  “When you get old enough you need to do this, you could help a lot of people.” When she was sixteen, she finally had the opportunity to donate blood when one of Houchin’s mobile buses came to her high school.

Sabrina’s grandmother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This is why Sabrina has recently converted to donating platelets, she understands the incredible need for platelets in the life of people undergoing cancer treatments. Sabrina says, “I am donating platelets in her honor, she is not able to donate blood anymore so I do it for her.”

Sabrina is happy she is able to help people even if they are strangers to her. She describes her time on the Trima machines as enjoyable. She likes talking to the Houchin staff, other donors, or watching TV while she is donating platelets. Sabrina’s daughter often accompanies her during her blood donation. She  waits patiently in the canteen as Sabrina once did. Sabrina teaches her daughter the value of blood donation and encourages her to donate as soon as she is sixteen.