October Donor – Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz made sure to keep his platelet donation appointment when he heard how low the supplies were.  He was pretty much all by himself in the Bolthouse Donor Center sadly enough.  Michael has given platelets 4 times now, and knows he can give those along with a unit of O+ blood every two months, then he can also give platelets and plasma the month in between.  He wants to keep getting the gallon club license plate frames, but also wants to help the most people with his donation.  That’s why he gave automated donation a try when Houchin staff explained the great need.

Michael suggests that young people such as himself give platelet donation a try, since donors are needed every day to keep up with the demand for something with only a five day life.  He says, “More younger people should come out and try it.  Help others out if you can”.

Michael likes heading to Iron Arms Gym after work and hanging with his girl in his spare time.  He also likes helping the community through blood and platelet donation.