Target Your Blood Type

This October we ask our donors to target their blood type! Each blood type has the potential to save many lives, so we take this month as an opportunity to teach our donors about their blood type and encourage them to donate in a way that helps maximize the lifesaving potential of their donation. Donors who choose to get their platelet count tested during their donation will receive a coupon for a FREE Pint of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! All donors targeting their blood type this month enter to win a $500 Target gift card thanks to our EAKC Monthly Prize sponsor, Barrett Business Services Incorporated (BBSI).

Recently Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico braced for three hurricanes that left blood products supplies low in the affected areas. That was followed by the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. In all cases, the needs for platelets went on long after the red blood cell needs were met, as this fragile blood component lasts only 5 days. The right stores of platelets, plasma and red cells are all needed to be able to cover local needs and help in such emergency situations.

Our donor centers will have “Target Your Blood Type” information booklets that hold information about each blood type and the most effective components of your blood that can be used to save patient lives. For some donors this may mean donating platelets and plasma, for others, it could mean donating whole blood. Targeting your blood type will unlock the true potential of your donation’s ability to save lives and keep our county’s supply of lifesaving blood components. We hope that you will join us in saving lives this October during our Target Your Blood Type Campaign.