Tell Us Your Story

People donate blood, platelets and plasma for many different reasons. Usually, our donors make a point of donating because they know they are positively impacting someone’s life. Do you have a story to share about why you donate or about someone you know who has benefited by blood, platelet or plasma donations? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Look for story forms in the donor canteens, or fill in the form provided below.

Story quoteWe are particularly interested in patient stories, but also want  to know:

  • What drives you to donate?
  • Did our screening process help you uncover a health issue?
  • Did you or someone close to you receive blood, platelets, or plasma?

We would love to hear your story, and share it if possible.  Names can be withheld if you prefer.  Your story or testimonial just might inspire someone to donate for the first time!

For more information contact Community Development at 661-616-2500 or