Visitors Wowed with Sneak Peek at Bolthouse

Outside entrance

Entrance to new consolidated facility

The media, business leaders and financial supporters were invited to attend a “sneak peek” at the almost completed construction at 11515 Bolthouse Drive on December 14, 2012.  The new consolidated facility will pull existing operations from four locations and place them under one roof. Guests were given a tour of the facility by staff members.  There was particular interest in the bus barn which will allow all the mobile units to be housed securely and efficiently in one location. Few in attendance had a full understanding of how far flung current operations are, and all were impressed by the beauty and expanse of the new building. Video news reports about the event are provided below.


Lobby sponsored by Tejon Ranch

During a brief program, Bob Stine, CEO of Tejon Ranch, announced that his company was pleased to be underwriting the Lobby area.  Houchin President and CEO Greg Gallion announced that the building would be named the Bolthouse Donor Center in honor of the generous gift of land from Bolthouse Properties which kicked off the capital campaign for the new building.  The first information about brick, paver and plaque naming opportunities was also unveiled at the event.  Pam Hornbuckle, a member of the Capital Campaign Committee, will be handling those opportunities as described here.