Passport Program

In 2022, Houchin Community Blood Bank took flight with an all-new program that rewards you for donating platelets and/or plasma. With your very own Houchin Passport, you can stamp your way through our donor centers and gain entry to winning a vacation package and much more!


Because of your first-class commitment, you deserve first-class treatment! Join in on the fun and experience the joys of giving this year.

We hope to see you flying the friendly Houchin skies as a Houchin Passport holder!



The Passport Program is for platelet and plasma donors. Our platelet and plasma donors are essential and their contributions help some of the most critical patients in our community, including those undergoing cancer treatments and burn victims. If you aren’t currently a platelet or plasma donor, now is a great time to start!



Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that helps with clotting and protects the body against foreign substances. Plasma donations help burn victims, patients with bleeding disorders, and those in need of plasma exchanges.

Platelets are small, disk-shaped cell fragments that are essential for blood clotting and help control bleeding. Platelet donations help in cancer therapy, open heart surgery, blood disorders, and organ transplants.


How It Works


6 Trima Donations

When you reach 6 Trima (platelet and plasma) donations in 2023, you will automatically receive an exclusive Houchin Passport. Your donations from 2022 will be carried over into 2023.


Get Busy Donating

The more you donate throughout 2023, the more chances you have to win a vacation prize sponsored by LEG Travel. See below for more details on the trips (yes there are 2!) that you can win this year!

 Trip sponsored by LEG Travel:

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Get Exclusive Perks

Be sure to carry your passport with you – for each subsequent donation, your Houchin Passport brings certain perks, like exclusive stamp collection opportunities, special giveaways, and more.

For questions about the program, please email



How Long is the Donation Process?

Plan on being here for about 2 and a half hours for the whole entire donation process. For plasma donations, the actual donation can take up to 30 mintues to an hour. For platelets, the actual donation takes about 1 hour to an hour and a half. Donors have the option to watch movies in the donor chairs to help the time go by faster!

Have you been pregnant to term?

If a woman wants to donate trima and has had a history of pregnancy to delivery, we require them to take an HLA test, which can be done at any of our donor centers or mobile blood drives.

What is HLA?

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA): HLA antigens are proteins that can be found on most cells within your body.

2023 Trip Details

Trip #1 Social Graphic

Trip #1 - The winner has been contacted

The winner for the first trip will be announced Memorial Day weekend, which will be for a 4-night Valentine’s Day Ensenada with Catalina Island Cruise on Navigator of the Seas.

Trip #2 Social Graphic

Trip #2

The second trip will be announced after the end of 2023 where a donor will receive a $1,000 gift card for their choice of travel.

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