Eligibility Requirements

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Blood Donation FAQ

Know Your Type

Knowing your blood type can prevent the risk of receiving incompatible blood during a time of need.

Not only that, there are times when we have a shortage of a specific blood type, so knowing yours can save someone's life by donating. Remember, when you give, people live!

Blood TypeCan Give Blood ToCan Recieve Blood From% of PopulationRH Factor Present?Facts
A+A+, AB+A-/+, O-/+31Yes1 in 3 people have this blood type
A-A+/-, AB+/-A-, O-6NoCan help all patients that have A and AB blood types
B+B+, AB+B+/-, O+/-9YesLess than 10% of people are type B+
B-B+/-, AB+/-B-, O-2NoOnly 2 out of a hundred are this type
AB+AB+Everyone3YesThe universal plasma donor
AB-AB+O-, A-, B-, AB-1NoThe universal plasma & platelet donor
O+O+, A+, B+, AB+O-/+39YesO+ is the most common blood type
O-EveryoneO-9NoO- is the universal blood donor


A+/-, B+/-: Blood components are helpful to trauma, burn, & cancer patients
AB+/-: Blood components are helpful to cancer & bleeding disorder patients
O+/-: Blood components are helpful to burn & trauma victims


Together Our Community can Stop the Shortage.