win a new car - kern county

Kern County Promotion

We are giving a brand new 2021 Chevy Trailblazer!

This 4 month long promotion starts July and doesn't end until October. The complete details on how to enter to win the Trailblazer are below.

Your donation at one of our Houchin locations or mobiles is your entry ticket into the car giveaway.

You can donate multiple times from July to October to increase your chances of winning.

Whole blood, plasma, and platelets all have different entry limits (see below)

Different entries for different donations

You can donate 2 times for whole blood during the giveaway.

You can donate 4 times for plasma during the giveaway.

You can donate 16 times for platelets during the giveaway.

Schedule your next appointment by going to or walk into one of our two locations on lunch or after work.

P.S - By the way, if you want the best chance of winning the car... donating platelets is the way to go. Don't tell anyone I told you though. It will be our secret.